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What will you Study in the Course?


Basics of Java

Are you starting with your coding journey? Not to worry, We will cover all the Basics of Java required for DSA.

Data Structures 1

In this part we will study about Arrays, Strings, Bit Manipulation and HashMap.

Recursion, Searching and Sorting

We will discuss how you can solve any recursion problem by following 3 steps. Then we will do Searching and Sorting.

Data Structures 2

Let's start the 2nd wave of Data Structures that are LinkedList, Stacks, Queues, Trees and Heaps.

DP and Graphs

Welcome the toughest topic of DSA. We at AlgoPrep will help you understand it clearly.

Arrays and Bit Manipulation

We will begin the second iteration of DSA with arrays and cover topics like Prefix sum, Sliding window etc. Next topic is Bit Manipulation, we will solve all the repeating and missing problems.

Math, Recursion and Backtracking

Math, Afraid Now? We are here to make it super easy for you. After this module using mod 10^9+7 will be the least of your problems. Also Let's not talk about recursion again and again.

Searching, Sorting

Ever thought why we do binary search and not ternary or Quaternary or pentanery search?(pentanary because of lack of a better word).

HashMap and Two Pointers

Wonder how you can search in HashMap in Just O(1), What are two pointers and how to identify problems based on it? Want to keep wondering or get the answers?

LinkedList, Stack and Queue

Want to learn how you can use slow and fast pointers to solve LinkedList problems, LRU Cache, Min stack, Min Stack?

Tree and Trie

In my Amazon Berlin Interview they asked for a Trie + Recursion based super Hard problem. I will teach you to solve such problems.

Heaps and Greedy

Do you know Heap/PriorityQueue is nothing but Array in the background being used smartly?

Dp and Graphs

You already became the boss of these topics in foundation but let's learn more concepts like DSU, Floyd Warshall, Kosaraju and many more of graphs. In DP we will learn many categorisations like Cut based, LIS etc.

Object oriented Programming

All about OOPs including Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract keyword, Interface and more.

Data Base Management System(DBMS)

Learn with us all the important DBMS concepts for Interview like Relational Model, Schema Design, SQL, Crud, Joins, Transactions, Indexing and more.

OS and CN

All about Operating system including CPU Scheduling, Threads, Synchronization, mutex, semaphores etc and then Computer networks covering Network Topologies, Application layer Architecture and more stuffs.


We will teach you 2 Projects that you can add in resume or create something similar and add it. No Prerequisite for these projects.

DSA Prep [Cohort 4.0] Course Details

30th April

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8 Months

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2 Years

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Reviews From Our Students

Reviews from students are a valuable resource for understanding the quality of education provided by an institution. They offer insights into the student experience and overall satisfaction.

I can't praise Subhesh's DSA course enough. His unique teaching approach and comprehensive content gave me the edge to crack Google Warsaw. His dedication and support were truly invaluable. I would definitely recommend this course.

Sarthak Bhatia

SDE at Google Warsaw

I can confidently say that this course was a game-changer for me, thanks to the instructor's phenomenal teaching methodology. He made sure to provide clear explanations, offered valuable resources, and guided us every step of the way.

Abhinav Gupta

SDE at Sprinklr

I loved the way this coding course was structured. He started with the basics and then gradually built on our knowledge. This made it easy to learn and retain the information. I also appreciate the fact that he provided us with plenty of practice exercises.

Divya Chopra

SDE at Microsoft

The teaching style by the instructor was a game-changer. Engaging teaching style, well-structured content, and practical tips led to success in cracking Goldman Sachs. Highly recommended for problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Jaivin Phogaat

SDE at Goldman Sachs Warsaw

The curriculum is comprehensive, instructor is experienced, and in-depth learning helped me gain confidence. I started as a beginner and cracked multiple offers ultimately.

Harshit Trehan

SDE at Atlassian

I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to explore DSA with Subhesh sir. His methodology and guidance were exceptional. The course started from if else and at last we were solving really Hard Leetcode Problems. Had a lot of learning with fun.

Janhvi Kaplish

Product Intern at Adobe

I wasted countless hours on DSA resources before landing under the guidance of Subhesh sir. He is an experienced teacher and one who makes learning a delightful experience. Really mind blowing

Pranjal Sharma

SDE at Amazon

The course is super beginner friendly in nature and I must say the experience which Subhesh sir provides in learning is unmatchable. Its a delight learning from him. I understood topics like graphs and DP in one go, Never imagined to become this good in DSA.

Dhanyaa Bharadwaj

SDE at Walmart

Add one more Skill to your Resume.

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Frequently asked Questions

No, We will start from the basics. Even if you never coded a single line, you will be able to understand everything and become Interview ready for your dream companies Like Google, Microsoft, amazon. All you need to do is be consistent.

Yes you can, We will have 3 classes a week and The timing of the classes are 9 PM So your college class or job won’t be a problem.

One of our instructors is from a mechanical background and is working with Google India as SWE 2. Yes, You will be prepared for interview with any company after completing this course.

You will get the recorded part in both Hindi as well as English (LevelUp will be in english only). If you choose DSA Elite then the live classes will be in Hindi.

It is tough to do coding on any device other than a laptop. Yes, you are required to have a decent laptop/computer with an internet connection.

The course duration is 7-8 months. You can start your interviews after 60 days as we will be done with the first iteration of DSA. Rest time is for practicing DSA and Core Subjects if you missed that in college.

You will have access of the course for 2 years from the start of the course.

Don’t worry, The recordings of every LIVE class will be shared on our platform after the LIVE class ends.

You can pay via Credit card, Debit card, UPI etc. Yes we do have EMI options available at the time of checkout.

We will be using Java in this course. Actually, We will be focussing on logic building of problems, so language doesn’t play that big of a part but Java is best suited as you can use it to learn other stuff like APP Development.

Along with the preparation of DSA and Core subjects We will have live sessions on resume building, Linkedin profile building, cold emailing to HR for opportunities. After all these you will be able to get the opportunities on your own.

Yes, you will get a course completion certificate once you complete this program.

Doubt resolving is available only in DSA Prep Elite. Doubts will be resolved via your instructor, peers or TAs.

That depends whether you are buying DSA Prep Lite, DSA Prep Pro or DSA Prep Elite. Check the details in the above pricing section.